Baton Rouge, LA Residential and Commercial Gate Openers

Simplify Your Life

There is nothing more frustrating than someone leaving the gate open for anyone to get inside or out. It is not only a security risk but could also end up a liability issue. When you call Gate R Open for all your gating needs, we aim to simplify your life. We provide gate openers and access systems that automatically open and close on your residential or commercial gate in Baton Rouge, LA.

Gate Opener and Operators

There are many types of controls to choose from to modernize the way your gate functions and operates. From keypad and intercom systems with dial codes for entry to using remotes that can open and close your gate with a sensor or the push of a button, we are equipped with the experience and equipment to install and maintain your gate opener and operator system.

Variety of Gate Opener Options for Residential and Commercial Gates

Your comfort in using your automatic gate is important to us. That is why we provide you options for how you want your gate to work with a backup battery system. How your gate opens and closes depends on the property’s pathway structure. The professionals at Gate R Open can accommodate both what you want and what you need. Our selection of gate opener features include:

  • Swinging and Sliding Gates
  • Single and Double Gates
  • Electronic
  • Battery-Operated
  • Solar-Powered

Gate Opener Repair

We take great pride in our gate opening services and the quality of products we provide. If your gate operator isn’t functioning as smoothly as it used to or you have an existing automatic gate problem, our certified technicians are happy to schedule a maintenance visit. Even if we didn’t install your gate opener, we will still repair your access system.

Contact Us Today

For all your gate opener needs, call the professionals at Gate R Open today at 225-573-0492. And be sure to ask about our military and first responders discount.